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Happy New Year!

I had the good fortune to photograph the feature article for the December 2014/January 2015 issue of South Bay Accent Magazine!  The feature article is on high-end craft cocktails at very cool local bars.  I had a great time during the four-day photo shoot at ten bars!  As you all know, people who … [Read more...]

Chocolate Lovers Delight!

In 2013, I had the good fortune to taste an extraordinary piece of dark chocolate.  The flavor was unique-unlike I had experienced before.  It was rich and complex, with a depth of flavor that I had not tasted before.  I was given this chocolate as a pairing to an extraordinary cup of coffee at … [Read more...]

Paso Robles Valley, Part 2

Each year during the Giovanzana family annual trip to the Paso Robles valley, we join our friends who live there, for a fun filled day of wine tasting.  We drive along beautiful country roads,  that lead us to an assortment of unique and charming wineries.  In an area that boasts more than 200 … [Read more...]

Paso Robles Valley, Part 1

Annually, the Giovanzana family visits the Paso Robles area on Labor Day weekend.  My husband’s family (four generations now) has been visiting old friends (three generations now) for over 50 years! Our three-day weekend is filled with all kinds of ranch fun, great BBQ, wine tasting, and lots of … [Read more...]

South Bay Accent Magazine

Last August I received an email from the art director of South Bay Accent Magazine.  During an internet search for a food photographer, he found my blog on Love Apple Farm.  He like my work and offered me a job to photograph the feature article for  the upcoming August/September 2014 issue of South … [Read more...]

Santa Clara Canner Tomato

This spring I purchased a tomato plant that I have never heard of before.  The name of this plant stopped me in my tracks.  Could it be—a tomato variety that perhaps my grandfather and his brothers actually processed at Gangi Brothers tomato packing plant?!  How is it that a tomato species was … [Read more...]

Strawberry Picking along the California Coast

Each year I anxiously await the strawberries to ripen at my favorite berry farm, where I annually make a pilgrimage and pick until my heart is content.  I find berry picking so peaceful.  I completely enjoy picking berries along side of a friend chatting, while searching for the perfect berry, and … [Read more...]

Washington’s Olympic National Park, Part 2

It was good to wake up on day-two of our three-day visit to the Olympic National Park rested and knowing that we didn’t have to drive too far to get to our next location, Lake Quinault.  We planned to wonder the beach here at Kalaloch and also go explore another nearby location, Ruby Beach. … [Read more...]

Washington’s Olympic National Park, Part 1

Sol Duc Falls, Sol Duc Hot Springs, Olympic National Park My family and I really enjoy visiting National Parks.  To date, we have visited twelve national parks, and love each one of them for their unique and awesome splendor.  We are avid hikers and enjoy hiking in these beautiful landscapes.  I am … [Read more...]

Washington’s Olympic Peninsula

I went somewhere new this year for 4th of July!  Usually we go to Lake Tahoe with our son and enjoy all the festivities that wonderful location has to offer for that very special day of year.  This year my son went on an immersion trip out of the country, which left my husband and I asking ourselves … [Read more...]