Avocado and Trio of Orange Salad with Blood Orange and Thyme Dressing

Avocado and Trio of Orange Salad with Blood Orange and Thyme Dressing

1 Hass Avocado
1 Cara Cara Orange (or any variety of sweet oranges)
2 Blood Oranges
1 Kumquat
Baby pea shoots
2 Tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, Tuscan variety
2 Tablespoons of juice from one of the blood oranges
1 Teaspoon of whole leaves of thyme
1 Teaspoon of blood orange zest
Salt and Pepper to taste

Cut off ends of the Cara Cara orange and one of the blood oranges with a serrated knife.  One at a time, turn the oranges on end and cut away the peel and white pith edge of the orange exposing the internal orange.  Becareful not to cut away too much.  You will be left with two orange balls.  One at a time, turn them on their side and slice them in 1/2 inch rounds.  Cut the kumquat into thin little rounds as well, but leave the peel on.  Cut the avocado in half down the length of the fruit.  Peel and remove the large pit from the center.  Cut the avocado half into 4 equal long pieces.  Arrange the avocado slices on their side in a fan arrangement on a platter.  Arrange the oranges along the side of the avocados, starting with the Cara Cara slice on bottom, followed by the blood orange slice, and topped with the kumquat round.  Place the pea shoots on the dish and sprinkle the blood orange zest on top.  Wisk together the olive oil, juice from the blood orange, thyme leaves, and salt and pepper.  Drizzle over all the items on the salad.  Serves 2-4




  1. Food and Wine Enthusiast says:

    This sounds delicious, I am going to make it this week!

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