Christmas Time in San Francisco

Union Square, San Francisco, CA

Every year my gal pals and I head to San Francisco at Christmas time for a BIG shopping day.  When I say BIG…I mean several trips to the car to drop off packages kind of BIG.  It is a day filled with a whole lot of silliness too.  Some years we have stayed at the Westin St. Francis Hotel for the night where we can go out to dinner, stay out late, and happily let the taxi driver do all the driving…if you know what I mean!  This year we three just went up for the day and then out for dinner together.  Here are some fun photos of our San Francisco shopping day.

Macy's, San Franciso,  CA

Union Square, San Francisco, CA

Union Square, San Francisco, CA

Macy's Window, San Franciso, CA

Macy's Window, San Franciso,  CA

Macy’s beautiful window display

SPCA pet adoption windows at Macy's

Every Christmas the SPCA brings puppies and kittens to Macy’s and displays them in the windows.  They are for adoption.

SPCA adoption window at Macy's

“How much is that doggie in the window…”

SPCA pet adoption at Macy's

Macy's, San Francisco, CA

Macy's San Francisco, CA

Macy's, San Francisco, CA

Salvation Army, San Francisco, CA

WS 1

Williams Sonoma….love the peppermint bark and hot mulled cider!

William Sonoma, San Francisco, CA

Tiffany's, San Francisco, CA

Love the blue box!

Tiffany's, San Francisco, CA

Union Square, San Francisco, CA

Cable Car, San Francisco, CA

Cable Car, San Francisco, Ca

Cable Car, San Francisco, CAToo much fun!  Girls being young and wild!  Love it!

Union Square Ice Skating Ring, San Francisco, CAUnion Square Ice Skating Rink

Union Square Ice skating ring, San Francisco, CAHow sweet to ice skate holding you sweetie’s hand.  Now this is romantic!

Union Square, San Francisco, CA

Farallon Restaurant, San Francisco, CACocktail time at Farallon Restaurant

Farallon Restaurant, San Francisco, CA

Fino Restaurant, San Francisco, CA

We had dinner at Fino Restaurant on Post Street

Fino Restaurant, San Francisco, CA

Fino Restaurant, San Francisco, CA

Nocchi with Italian sausage, bell peppers, and tomatoes in a broth

Fino Restaurant, San Francisco, CA

Home made riccotta ravioli in a tomato and pepper cream sauce with basil

Fino Restaurant, San Francisco, CA

Petrale Sole Almondine with grilled zucchini and roasted potatoes

Westin St. Francis holiday gingerbread castle, San Francisco, CA

Westin St. Francis Annual Holiday Gingerbread Castle

Each year the Westin St. Francis’ executive pastry chef, Jean-Francois Houdre’, creates a castle for the entry of the hotel.  This year the chef’s inspiration came from his family visit to the French medieval town of La Cite’ de Carcassonne in Bordeaux.  This medieval town is one of Europe’s complete examples of a fortified city.  The castle was created with these ingredients:

90 pounds of gingerbread

160 pounds of pastillage (powdered sugar, egg whites, and gelatin dough)

30 pounds of pulled and bubbled sugar

Royal icing made 400 pounds of sugar and egg whites

50 pounds of molasses

80 pounds of flour

and countless hours of dedicated work!

The team of pastry chefs began their work to create the castle in July…working day and night.  The castle is 12 feet tall and weighs  1,300 pounds.  It has more than 20 grand circular towers, approximately 30 rooms, glowing windows, and a running train.

Union Square, San Francisco, CA

It was a glorious day to be with my two dear friends Teresa and Chris.  We laughed a lot, shopped a lot, and enjoyed San Francisco in all its Christmas time glory.  I hope this coming week you get all your Christmas preparations complete….wrapping and bows, baking and decorating, food prep and table set…. Have a glorious Christmas!  God bless you and your family.


  1. You do beautiful photos. Thanks.

  2. Talented, YOU! Love the images from the Girl’s Trip to SF!

  3. I can live vicariously through ya’ll!!

  4. Great pictures – you captured the beauty of Union Square during the holidays for sure. What a fun day!!

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