Happy Anniversary!

Teresa Giovanzana food photographer

This month of February marks a special accomplishment for me…I have completed 12 consecutive months of blogging!  It makes me a bit proud to have arrived at my one-year anniversary and look back at what I have accomplished and say to myself, “You did some good work.”  I wrote some articles that I really liked and I took some photos that I think are quite special.  And along the way, I met some awesome people who opened up to me both personally and professionally, which I feel honored to have had their trust.

Last February 2013, when I decided to start blogging, I didn’t know where blogging was going to take me.  The decision to blog was a leap of faith for my career; I knew it would be a positive experience but I didn’t know exactly what that meant.  I just knew that I wanted to photograph and write about the things I love and excite me.  So I decided to travel around California with my camera, talking to people in the food and wine industry, and photograph along the way.  Many of these experiences have been with my family and friends, who I hold so near and dear to my heart, and who have allowed me to share our adventures and stories in this blog, which I am most grateful.  Blogging this past year has been a super fun and exciting, as well as challenging, undertaking.   Blogging has truly enriched my life!

barrel 9

My style of blogging has evolved from my first posting on winter oranges.  The creative process of the postings took an organic transformation, which I enjoyed.  As in most things in my life; clean, simple, elegant, informative, and well researched became the style that I have worked towards.


I was amazed how quickly the blog readership grew…and then went international.  Within 2 months of blogging, someone in Paris visited my website.  Then the following week someone from Seville visited my website.  Thanks to Google Analytics, a free Google product that analyses the traffic that comes to your website, I became addicted to checking my readership on a daily basis…amazed that someone in China, or India, or Indonesia, or Uruguay, had an interest in what I had to say about the culinary scene here in California!  Go figure!  I don’t check Google Analytics as frequent anymore, but each time I do check on my readership, I am always pleased at the quantity of readers from California, across the United States, and worldwide.  It truly is humbling.  Thank you for your time that you spend on my blog reading and looking at the photographs that I have taken!

It is hard to choose among all my blog postings which is my favorite…that is like being asked, “Which is your favorite child?”  But I have selected a few postings from this past year that I especially like:

Cable Car, San Francisco, CA

 Christmas in San Francisco

Clam Bake California

Last Days of Summer

Wente Vineyard's chef and master gardener

The Artistry of Chef and Gardener at Wente Vineyards

Fly fishing Montana

 Fly Fishing in Montana

Dee Harley of Harley Farms

Harley Farms – Part 1 

Harley Farms – Part 2

My portfolio has grown exponentially since I have begun to blog.  The usefulness of forwarding a blog posting to a potential new client has been most valuable.  The blog postings are a completely different style of work than what is found in my professional portfolio.  The two portfolios really compliment each other.

Speaking of new clients, this year I worked with a super fun new client called La Baguette.  La Baguette is a French bakery here in Northern California.  La Baguette opened a new store in a mall in San Francisco and purchased the advertising space on the two sides of escalators out in front of their new store.  I referred La Baguette to Fineline Graphics and Design in Santa Clara who they hired to conceptualize and create the advertising panels.  La Baguette chose a charming Parisian café design.  Then I took photographs of their selected menu items, which were dropped into the design.  Some of the menu items I photographed were only 6 inches tall, but were enlarged to 88 inches tall to accommodate the advertising panels.  I had never seen my photography that large!  WOW!  It was very exciting to finally see the installation.

La Baguette Bakery

La Baguette Bakery

Teresa Giovanzana food photographer

I look forward to a new year of blogging.  Where will it take me?  Who will I meet?  What will I photograph?  Most important, what will I eat and drink?

I am hoping chocolate is in my future!

Thank you again for visiting my blog and reading the posts.  Please leave me a comment when you visit.  Comments make me very happy when they are left; this is my feedback and my only way I get to know you!

Feeling Blessed!

With warm regards,


  1. You’ve come a long way lady! What a fun way to look back on your past year of adventure. The creativity, variety, interesting stories, garden glimpses, great recipes and beautiful photography, along with your genuine interest in others and the ability to get complete strangers to open up about their lives – what a fantastic combination! I am SO PROUD of you my dear friend and I look forward to many more wonderful postings in the future. And if you ever need someone to tag-along, you know who to call!! (P.S. I do love chocolate;)

    • Teresa Giovanzana says:

      Hi T,
      Such kind words! Thank you my friend. And yes, I would love to have you join me on another adventure! Perhaps chocolate is in both of our futures!!!!

  2. Lisa Neves Woldt says:

    Hi Teresa:

    Congratulations on your one-year anniversary. I can’t believe how consistently beautiful your photographs are! And I love the way you tell the stories surrounding them. This is such a wonderful go-to site you’ve created for your followers and not just because it’s your passion, but because the beauty you capture and share are symbols of optimism, hope, and happiness! Looking forward to many more years of you bringing the world, in all its gorgeous color and glory, into our lives!

    Best wishes always – Lisa

    • Teresa Giovanzana says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for your kind words! Creating the work is truly a passion which I love. Thank you for reading the blog this entire year and your words of encouragement.

  3. Teresa,

    I am in hopes that chocolate will be in your future, too. I can’t wait to see your photographs of that! Keep up the great work, I really do enjoy your blog.

    Paso Robles

    P.S. For my next trip northward to SF, where can I find La Baguette? I would like to pay them a visit.

    • Teresa Giovanzana says:

      Hi Terri,
      Thank you so much for your kind words!! Now I am sure that I will need to seek out chocolate. La Baguette’s new store is in Stonestown Galleria on 19th Avenue (close to SF State University). Their first location is in Stanford Shopping Center. They make a large variety of specialty bread, which are all delicious. Although, I have to say that the chocolate bread is my favorite. It is delicious toasted with a little butter and my homemade fig orange jam. Yum! Thank you again for reading my blog.

  4. Congratulations Teresa! Wow, the year flew by! You are very talented and I only see more fabulous photography and blogging from you.
    Yes chocolate would be a very decadent next blog– have you heard of Charles Chocolate and/or Tcho Chocolate both in SF? Yum!

    All the best to you,


  5. Congrats lady…. Always enjoy reading your blog and looking at the wonderful pictures.

  6. ciao Teresa ,congratulations on your wonderful photos and anniversary. Io non sono troppo pazza per la cioccolata, fammi sapere se riesci a leggere l’italiano che e’ piu’ facile per me sri verti bacioni Rita

  7. Congrats on your anniversary!

  8. Very exciting ~ and congratulations!

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