Buona Pasqua! Happy Easter!

Buona Pasqua!  Happy Easter!

Easter has always been a special time for my family and me.  As an Italian American kid, Easter had been greeted with great expectation because I was completing my Lenten fast of meatless Fridays and no candy for 40 days.  On Easter morning my family and I would get dressed up, go to church, and then come home to a large brunch which would include baked egg dishes, sweet Italian bread that had colored eggs baked right into the dough, thick slices of glazed ham, and bowls of strawberries.  My mother and grandmother would set the table with special plates, linen napkins, the good silver, beautiful spring flowers, and bunnies.  My younger brother and I were allowed to drink orange juice out of colored vintage stemware.  It was a feast, for the eyes and the stomach, sitting round the Easter table, a spectacle to behold.  After brunch was over, my father would become excited and start running from window to window shouting, “I think I just saw the Easter Bunny run by!” My younger brother and I would begin running to all the windows with him with great joy and hope that maybe we could spy a glimpse of the famous rabbit ourselves.  Oddly, my father was the only member of our family that ever caught a glimpse!

I had a special Easter basket which the Easter Bunny refilled each year.  I loved that basket and still have it today.   The basket is pink and yellow and had green grass.  It has tiny little white lilies that twine around the basket’s tall handle on one side, and once filled, would be wrapped with colored cellophane paper and tied with a huge beautiful bow at the top.  The Easter Bunny filled the basket with all my favorite Easter candy treats…including yellow peeps!  I would perch my Easter basket in a prominent location in my bedroom, and over the course of the next weeks, I would savor eating each piece of candy until there was no more.

I have added all of these traditions, antics, and recipes to my annual Easter tradition since I am a wife and mother now.  I have enjoyed running from window to window with my son over the years.  But he is now 16 and has sadly learned long ago that the Easter Bunny was in cahoots with Santa Claus…along with those mischievous leprechauns, who trashed our living room and painted the dog’s tail green on St. Patrick’s Day.  The other day, I hesitantly asked my son if he wanted to color eggs this year…something he grumbled about last year, but to appease me, conceded to dye eggs.  But this year he replied, “If you want to mom.  I’ll color eggs with you.”  Oh, the sweet joy of coloring eggs with my son!  I guess there are some things that we should never out grow!

I have photographed an Easter tablescape, which includes my grandmother’s Easter Brunch Eggs, roasted asparagus with sautéed bell peppers, orange baked ham, Italian sweet bread with colored eggs, and strawberries. May you have a very happy and delicious Easter!

God Bless.

Links to the recipes are below.

Easter Tablescape


Baked Easter Brunch Eggs with bacon, vegetables, and herbs

Roasted Asparagus with Sautéed Red and Yellow Bell Peppers and chives

Orange Baked Ham

Italian Easter Bread





  1. Elizabeth VanderEsch says:


  2. Barbara Bostedt says:

    T…….you continue to amaze me….what a privilege to know you…..your Easter presentation is lovely. bb

  3. Denise Couchot Aghazarian says:

    Happy Easter Theresa…..I think I will prepare your baked egg dish…….I so enjoyed reading your Easter story. Inspired me to up my game this Sunday! You always celebrate each of life’s events with such passion and love. Thanks for sharing that wonderful spirit.

  4. Beautiful, just beautiful! Can I come to your house for Easter brunch?

  5. I like the Bunny spotting tactic, I think I will use that with my 3 year old. Beautiful spread for this picture which I’ve no doubt is exactly what your *actual* Easter brunch table will look like.

  6. Stephanie Hitt says:

    Love your picture and the recipes sound good. Thanks for sharing your fun story about Easter as a kid. I love traditions too!

  7. Teresa, Happy Easter to you and the family!!

    I was just debating whether or not I should make an Easter bread this year and after reading your story and seeing the bread I realized I HAVE to make it! I need to continue the traditions I grew up with. Yes, it’s a lot of work but all worth it!

    Thanks for posting your beautiful photography and including the recipes too!


    • Teresa Giovanzana says:

      Hi Maryann,
      Thank you for your comment! I should have known you made Italian Easter bread! What is the Italian name that you call your bread? I have heard a few names today and would be curious to hear what you call it. Have a wonderful Easter.

  8. Roshan Bedi says:

    How beautiful and creative just like you 🙂

  9. Roshan Bedi says:

    I love your blog!

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