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December 2014 issue

I had the good fortune to photograph the feature article for the December 2014/January 2015 issue of South Bay Accent Magazine!  The feature article is on high-end craft cocktails at very cool local bars.  I had a great time during the four-day photo shoot at ten bars!  As you all know, people who choose hospitality for their profession have the gift of working with the public, enjoying good food and drink, and have the natural talent for great conversation.  My ten-stop photo shoot was no different!  I met such wonderful bartenders along the way who crafted some of the best cocktails that I have ever tried.  Yes, I sipped the cocktails along the way.  How could I not!!  The following images are the cocktails that were not selected for this issue.  They were just too pretty (and tasty!) to let go unpublished!  Cheers!

December 2014 issue

Jack Rose Libation House, Los Gatos, CA

Owners of the famous and historical La Hacienda, Russ and Holly Stanley, opened Jack Rose Libation House on the La Hacienda property earlier in 2014.  The concept came from the local history of the area, where John Steinbeck resided in the near by community of Monte Sereno from 1926-28.  While living in the area he wrote his novel, The Grapes of Wrath, and completed Of Mice and Men.  John Steinbeck’s favorite cocktail was the Jack Rose.  The bar is an homage to literary greats, especially John Steinbeck, with the space filled with classic leather bound books, old typewriters, and quotes on the wall, with comfy leather chairs, and wood furniture and wall paneling.  Suspended from the ceiling are charming sculpted birds in flight, which are crafted from the pages of books!   I love the concept of this bar!  Their cocktails are lovingly crafted from many house-created ingredients, high quality liquors, and finished with the creative touch of exquisitely created garnishes.

Jack Rose Libation House

Call of the Wild Cocktail

Jack Rose Libation House

The Jack Rose Cocktail

Jack Rose Libation House

The Beautiful and the Damned Cocktail

The Lexington House, Los Gatos, CA

Lexington House

The Zeinie Cocktail

Oak & Rye, Los Gatos, CA

Oak & Rye BarThe Pink Panther Cocktail

 Mortar & Pestle, San Mateo, CA

Mortar & Pestle

Land of Milk & Honey Cocktail

Mortar & Pestle cocktailMortar & Pestle Cocktail

Lure + Til, Epiphany Hotel, Palo Alto, CA

Lure + Til

 Foggy Orchard Cocktail

Nomikai, San Jose,  CA

Nomikai is a delightful bar and eatery in downtown San Jose that embraces the unique flavors of Asia.  The cocktails are lovingly crafted with many unusual ingredients making the experience exceptionally unique and absolutely delicious.  An extensive sake menu is featured at Nomikai, as well as used in many craft cocktails.  The environment is fun, inviting, and contemporary.  Nomikai also serves small bites.


Coco Berry Cocktail


Mugi Mule Cocktail

Singlebarrel, San Jose,  CA

This establishment is a contemporary speakeasy located in downtown San Jose.  Patrons line up outside where they are led downstairs by the doorman to the subterranean establishment to meet their appointed bartender and discuss their libation desires.  Bartenders are dressed in period clothes from the era of prohibition, which add to the fun and make it appropriate for the establishment.  The owners of Singlebarrel are very respectful to the art of crafting cocktails and to the era that they aspire.  Great lengths are taken in researching historical cocktails and recreating them at Singlebarrel.


 English Cosmo Cocktail

Paper Plane, San Jose,  CA

This downtown bar and eatery is such a fun establishment, which has been decorated with a unique eye and many artists.  I spent the first thirty minutes of my photo shoot there just admiring the many creative elements of the space, as well as listen to bartender owner George Lahlouh describe the many unique cocktails that they craft.  They are known for their punches, which are blended with numerous ingredients.  Punches are served in a pitcher with multiple glasses.

Paper Plane

Rootbeer Flip Cocktail

Paper PlaneWhere There is Smoke There is Fire Punch 

Fahrenheit, San Jose,  CA

This bar and restaurant has been an establishment in downtown San Jose for quite sometime and has proven themselves with their longevity.  They have a full restaurant and offer VIP bottle service in their lounge.  I photographed the only traditional martini on my shoot list while I was there.  But this martini tasted like none I have ever sampled.  It was a gin martini with a touch of scotch and garnished with blue cheese stuffed green olives.  The olives with cheese were a perfect pairing with this martini.  True magic!

Fahrenheit Restaurant & Lounge

Smoking Gun Martini

Fahrenheit Restaurant & LoungeBourbon Baked Apple Cocktail

I want to thank all of you for your readership of my blog.  It has been a fun year in photography and blogging with new clients and projects.  I thoroughly love your comments-please keep them coming.  I love what I do and hope that it is evident in my photography and can be heard in my words.  I raise my glass to you and toast that you have a wonderful, healthy, and prosperous 2015!

God bless all of you.


  1. All of the drinks look fantastic….of course that’s the photography. I am constantly amazed by what you do with the simplest of things (although I don’t know why I should be!) Great talent and a fine eye! Would love to get together soon and try one of these drinks. Happy New Year lady…

  2. Teresa B. says:

    So happy all of your hard work and talents are finally paying off. Cheers to you and hope for many more such opportunities and adventures in the new year!

  3. Nicely done Teresa, Happy New Year!

  4. Kathryn S. says:

    Nice research!!! Happy New Year!

  5. Stephanie B. says:

    That’s awesome! Congratulations! And Happy New Year!

  6. Impressive Teresa. I need to get a copy for you to sign.

  7. Congratulations Teresa!! That’s a fantastic end to the old year and beginning of 2015!! I’m so happy for you!!

  8. Cheers! and congrats Teresa!

  9. As always you are very good in your craft… Congrats!

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