Maui Memories

Road to Hana

Earlier this month, my husband and I visited Maui on his annual company trip.  We have been visiting Maui for many years and enjoy all the wonderful sites this amazing Garden Isle has to offer.  As always, we had a wonderful time and saw many humpback whales!

Hawaiian flag

Maui has a very special place in my heart.  When I was nineteen years old I went to Maui for the first time.  I went with my best girlfriend Debbie.  Debbie was a year younger than me and was quite impetuous!  About five days into our 10-day Hawaiian vacation, Debbie had convinced me to stay in Maui and not go home.  At that time, I was attending junior college and I was a waitress.  I remember telling her, “I can’t quit college and my job! That is very irresponsible.”  Then I thought of beautiful Maui and how happy I was.  The crazy part of this story is when we called and told our parents what our plans where, her parents flew over ASAP and told her under not certain terms was she going to stay.  She left me in Maui.  I had quit my job and missed the start of the semester – there was nothing to go home to.  I might as well stay!

Palm trees

I only stayed six months – but those months were some of the happiest months of my young life.  I only missed one semester of junior college.  I came home at Christmas and enrolled at De Anza College as a photo major since they had a good program.  I fell in love with photography on that trip.  How could you not – the island is beautiful and I had six months to explore the hidden corners of that magnificent island.


While in Maui I met friends that really enjoyed visiting Hana.  During my time on Maui, we visited Hana three times.  They took me camping, we swam in the Sacred Pools, I stood under waterfalls, walked along black sand beaches, visited sacred sites that only my friends knew how to find, and I watched many brilliant sunsets.  It was glorious! And I was truly happy.


Sadly, I have not been back to Hana all these years.  It is a long journey from the tourist locations where my husband’s company trips are located.  But last year my husband and I headed out on the Hana Highway to explore.  We did not drive all the way to Seven Sacred Pools, but an amazing journey just the same.

Teresa Giovanzana

We stopped at waterfalls along the Hana Highway called Twin Falls.  In the parking lot leading up to the water fall, we came upon an old beat up bus, which was converted into a juice stand.  They were selling all sorts of juice drinks, but one in particular, neither my husband nor I had every tried – fresh pressed sugar cane juice.  We had to try it and it was delicious!   We also bought some fresh coconut – very good and refreshing too.  The fresh sugar cane was chopped into long sticks and then put into the machine that pulverized the fibrous cane into juice, which poured out the bottom into your cup.  That’s it!

Twin Falls Maui


Tropical fruit

This juice tasteed sweet, fresh, and slightly herbaceous – different than plain white sugar.  The juice would be a fine mixer with rum.  Hummmm – I have to give that some thought….

sugar cane juice

When you are in the Hawaiian Islands next, keep a look out for fresh pressed sugar cane juice.  Definitely treat yourself to a glass!

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