Bonny Doon Farm

I have a farm client up in the hills of the Santa Cruz mountains that I think of fondly this time of year.  I can visualize their fields dusted with light fog in the early morning as the sun begins to burn it off and brighten the landscape with its warmth.  I am thinking of Bonny Doon Lavender Farm … [Read more...]

Saint Remy de Provence

I have written before about a fabulous trip I made to Provence France in 2010 with my two oldest friends from childhood, Vicki and Janan.  On one of our two amazing days with our tour guide Laurence brought us to Saint Remy de Provence, to visit a well know farmers' market in the heart of the town. … [Read more...]

Food and Wine Pairing at the Mauna Kea

Each March my husband and I attend his company's reward trip to Hawaii.  This year we went to the Big Island of Hawaii and stayed at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel.  The Mauna Kea is the oldest hotel on the big island - build in the 50s by the Rockefellers.  Although the hotel has been completely … [Read more...]

Feast of the Guardians

Every year the months of April and May make me fondly reminisce of my time in France in 2010 with my dear friends Vicki and Janan.  Last month’s blog, I wrote of our visit to the hospital that Vincent Van Gogh lived for a year in the country outside of St. Remy.  But in May I always think of Arles.  … [Read more...]

Vincent’s Irises

Lately I have been noticing the large bearded irises blooming in my neighborhood as I take my morning walks with my dog Callie.  Bearded irises are such a bold display of floral splendor!  They are so large and the colors are vivid and rich.  The flower form is quite distinct.  My father-in-law John … [Read more...]

Maui Memories

Earlier this month, my husband and I visited Maui on his annual company trip.  We have been visiting Maui for many years and enjoy all the wonderful sites this amazing Garden Isle has to offer.  As always, we had a wonderful time and saw many humpback whales! … [Read more...]

Spring Herbs

 My vegetable garden is coming alive!  I have planted too many tomatoes again, eggplant, crooked neck squash, lemon cucumber, arugula, string beans, cantaloupe, and a few varieties of peppers.  Oh, and lets not forget, my precious herbs!  Every night while I am preparing dinner, I walk to my … [Read more...]

Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle WA

I love blown glass!  My husband and I have three blown pieces of art glass at home sitting on our fireplace mantle, which I absolutely adore.  I love their vibrant colors of bright tangerine orange, teal blue, and lime green.  I admire their bold shapes and movement in their form.  They are so … [Read more...]

Pike Place Market in Seattle

My son and I were off again on college tours over Easter Break…Washington!  We had a great time visiting Seattle and were lucky enough to be there on two partially sunny days!  When in Seattle, and if you are a foodie like me, you must visit Pike Place Market, which is located right downtown on the … [Read more...]

Mama’s Fish House Restaurant

This past March my husband and I went on a mini vacation to Maui.  It is always a treat to escape the cold of the mainland during winter and soak up some warm sunshine.  We love Maui, as I am sure all of you do.  We were fortunate to be able to have seen the Humpback Whales swimming in the channel … [Read more...]