Truckee California

On my recent February ski trip to Lake Tahoe, my friends and I made a stop in Truckee.  Truckee is located right off Interstate 80 (aka California 89) on the east side of Donner Pass in the Sierras.  Truckee is about 45 minutes west of Reno, Nevada. … [Read more...]

Northstar Lake Tahoe

I love to ski!  I get excited when the first snowfall of the winter begins….it means swishing down the slopes is close behind.  Along with most Californians, my family and I enjoy Lake Tahoe year round.  We have a family home in Lake Tahoe where we have shared many happy memories with family and … [Read more...]

Happy Anniversary!

This month of February marks a special accomplishment for me…I have completed 12 consecutive months of blogging!  It makes me a bit proud to have arrived at my one-year anniversary and look back at what I have accomplished and say to myself, “You did some good work.”  I wrote some articles that I … [Read more...]

Winter Herbs

Sage growing in my garden. Happy New Year!  I hope this blog posting finds you happy, healthy, and looking forward to a new year with hope. As you may already know, I love to cook.  I am not formally trained although I was taught by some of the best; the women and men in my family that have … [Read more...]

Christmas Time in San Francisco

Every year my gal pals and I head to San Francisco at Christmas time for a BIG shopping day.  When I say BIG...I mean several trips to the car to drop off packages kind of BIG.  It is a day filled with a whole lot of silliness too.  Some years we have stayed at the Westin St. Francis Hotel for the … [Read more...]

Christmas at Filoli

For the past 25+ years during the Thanksgiving break, my mother and I, along with our maternal aunts, grandmothers, girl cousins, and some friends, partake in a real special Christmas treat.  We gather at Filoli Mansion in Woodside, California for the annual Holiday Traditions.  The mansion’s lower … [Read more...]

Avocados! Aguacate!

Avocados!  Aguacate! Who doesn’t like avocados?!  What’s not to like?!  They are delicious on everything...eggs, enchiladas, salad...mushed up and scooped up on a chip.  I love guacamole.  As a California native, I have enjoyed avocados my whole life.   This time of year, I go visit my neighbor … [Read more...]

Harvest Time for Oranges!

All over the state in California, our landscape is dotted with orange trees.  Numerous commercial orchards are to be found as you drive through the state's Central Valley.  Furthermore, many of California's residents grow citrus in their backyards - orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, kumquat, and … [Read more...]